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So... I Published With Smashwords

I had these short stories just sitting there, right? And Return even won an award, it deserves to be seen. Actually, back in the day (2009 was so long ago, you know) it was called For Everything A Time, but that's almost as long as the story and kind of awkward. I like the shorter title better. It's about a cowboy who goes to the place where was born and raised, the place he left in a fit of anger and how he tries to redeem himself by dying there. You can get it here.

The other (more cheerful story) is a contemporary romance short story about an event they have at my alma mater, but I modified it to become a charity event: MudFest. It's about two people who know each other and compete every year for the covered MudFest trophy. It's also about good sportsmanship. Learn something, will ya? You can download it here.

Coupla little ninety-nine centers, good for right before bed if you don't need to do anything heavy thinking.

Happy writing!


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