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The Backburner

I have stuff on the backburner. I'm still working on edits for THL and I haven't done anything except take my NaNo project to my local critique group for some poking and prodding. I'm a little bit burned out. But, heck, it's the holidays and I'm pretty burned out all around. In a past life I must've been a bear because there is nothing I would love more than to sleep through winter.

I have two projects waiting on me to finish writing them. I have three others that need endings and/or edits. But as I look into the next year, I'm wondering what kinds of writing I'll get done in the coming months. I love writing steampunk/adventure romances. But my mind is wandering in the direction of other genres. Like a romance set during/after World War II. I love that time period. The fashion and the mannerisms, the way things were rapidly evolving to shape the world as we know it.

Steampunk romance: 1 finished in edits. One half-finished. One semi-plotted to complete a trilogy.
WWII era romance: vague idea about two POWs and their love interests after they come home.
But, wait! I wrote a paranormal historical romance novella the year after I finished the first draft of The Treasure Hunter's Lady. It would be soooooo cool if the hero from that, knowing about paranormal creatures now, formed a justice league to keep the spooks from interfering with every day people's lives (he was a Texas Ranger, he knows all about commanding men and his love interest would totally understand if he felt the need to do so).

So many ideas, so little time! Even if I wrote continuously, I doubt I could ever get them all down. I've always been this way, wanting to write all these stories. It's maddening, really because my brain skips around so much. It's like I already need another NaNo and I didn't finish the one I started. Sheesh. I think I have a Library of Congress inside my head. Maybe I need to write more short stories.

So how about you all? What's in store for next year?


  1. I want to hybernate too. It's so cold! What is in store for me next year? Who knows? Gonna try Jano in which I hope to finish my 2007 NaNo. Then spend the rest of the year editing it into something readable. Maybe work on the circus story since a certain someone keeps bringing it up at critique sessions. I would like to do a few short stories too. Okay, I'm tired. Need a nap.

  2. I'm with ya both--the need to hybernate is strong in me, but I will carry on.
    As for me and what is on my writing agenda for the coming months...I'm working on my second novel--second in my series. I want to write a sequel to my short, self pubbed story, Zomboro Virus. I have two more short stories that need some work and then i want to self pub them. And that is about it. Oh, and I'm planning on self pubbing my first novel near the end of January. That takes time because formatting is a pain, and computers and I are not on friendly terms.

  3. I love the WWII era romance idea! It's funny how these ideas just come to you when you least expect it. I've got one that's pushing on the edges of my mind, urging me to dig into it. But talk to the hand new MS. I'm on a mission to finish another one and do edits on the other. :)

  4. Wow! You are so prolific. I'm in awe.


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