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LibaryCon 2017

I'll be at LibraryCon 2017 this year! It starts at 11am August 19th in Springfield, MO at the Library Center on Campbell. You'll get to see super heroes, animae characters, go to tutorials, pick up awesome swag, and of course...see The Heckmasters.

It was huge amounts of fun last year. I also plan to cosplay again. I went as Dean from Supernatural and that's my plan again this time around. It was just too much fun. Ask to see my anti-possession tattoo *wink, wink*.

Here's the link for their website with the official lineup of speakers and attendees.

Hope to see you all there!
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No "Hard" Decisions Here - Book Sale!

This weekend, I'll be at the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Hard Rock Author Event (#HRAE17) .

 I'll have paperback copies of The Guardian Chronicles, The Heckmasters, and Lawless available for purchase. Plus, I have a surprise for anyone who buys the whole Heckmasters set. And I have other fun Heckmaster and author swag to give away. Also, as is tradition, candy!

But I have a treat for you too, if you can't make it. Until the 30th, LAWLESS, HELL & A HARD PLACE, HELL & BACK, AND THE TREASURE HUNTER'S LADY are all on sale for .99 each.

That's right, just .99 each! What a steal! Get them while they last!

I can't wait to share this exciting experience with all of you. I haven't been keeping up my blog very well, but I do plan to post a lot of photos from the event. Keep your eyes peeled.

I'm also appearing at LibraryCon in Springfield, MO on August 19 at the Library Center. It's a free event, so come by if you can. It was…

Holy Heckmaster Awesomeness

I just found out that Tell (The Heckmasters) (back when it was still called that) is a finalist in the 2017 RONE Cover Awards!

And it is a spooper beautiful cover by the talented Kanaxa. I'm super thrilled that Tell was nominated for a RONE Award and that the cover is a finalist. Awesome sauce.

You can see all the pretty covers that were finalists at the InD'Tale website.

You can buy Hell & Gone with it's also awesome new cover at Amazon.

Cowboy Six Pack

So didja get the new box set yet?
Six hot cowboys for that low, low price of 99 cents?
Mine's about a guy in a fictional Oklahoma town who takes over running his family's stockyard. He meets a woman in a bar, tries to buy her a drink, and gets shut down. Then he witnesses an argument between her and another guy. Come to find out later, he's her new boss. And she's expecting a bundle of joy. It's a sweet little story about family and forgiveness. Here's an excerpt:

“I’m meeting someone.” The petite brunette had the words out of her mouth before Dean could set the glass down on the bar beside her. She shouted over the lousy rendition of ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’, but didn’t spare him a glance. “It’s a free drink. I’m not asking for your phone number.” He glared at the band over his shoulder, but they were midway through the song and unlikely to quit playing because he wanted to talk to a woman. “I don’t want it.” She tipped her half empty glass toward him. “You loo…

Release Day - Duke of My Dreams

It's been up for pre-order for a bit, so if you purchased it, you've got six sexy Dukes just a-waiting on your ereaders.

Granted, mine is a reprint, but it was super-fun the first time around, so read it again!

The set is only 99 cents, you couldn't ask for a better bargain from such great authors.

Get it at:
Amazon || B&N || iTunes || Kobo

Super Duper Updates

I've been busy, busy.
This week, I decided that I would learn print formatting or die trying. I have good news. I did learn it and I didn't come close to dying. It's astounding to me how difficult I've made this for myself since basically I started trying my hand at any kind of formatting. It's beyond me why there's not a super simple guide for dummies. I mean, Mark Coker wrote the Smashwords guide that practically made it stupid proof. Why isn't there something like that for print? Everything I've read left me confused and frustrated.
I stumbled on a blog post by Roxanne Smolen (it's here. If you have no idea what you're doing, you should read it). There are some things that I disagree with in it. You kind of have to play with it and figure out how you like it. But today I set up the Heckmasters and all my historicals for review in Createspace. The document viewer made them look spectacular. They're in review right now. Hopefully tomorrow e…

The Hot as Hell Sale - Grab The Heckmasters!

I'm traveling this weekend, but I wanted to give y'all the heads up. The Heckmaster brothers can be yours for only 99 cents from today through the 23rd. That's right--four low, low priced days for Heckmaster happiness.

Get them while they're hot. Oh, hell. Who am I kidding? They're always hot!

Don't forget that Hell & Gone (aka Tell) was RONE Award nominated. So you don't have to take my word for that these are books worth the read.

Get 'em on the 'Zon. And don't forget they're always free on Kindle Unlimited.

Hell & A Hard Place
Hell & Back
Hell & Gone